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Roy Head: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Roy Head

Founder - HeadweRx

Hemp vs Covid

I will be discussing how cannabis packaging and labelling can and should be ecologically sound and clearly present the consumer with all the relative information about how it was grown or how the product was produced so consumers can make their own educated choices. With a focus on sustainability and transparency, I will explain what to look for as a consumer.

About Roy Head

With well over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry going all the way back to 90’s, in several sectors such as glassblowing, growing, trimming, and extraction, including representing several other companies such as Trimbag, who is now global, I am doing hemp the way I know hemp can be done. As a second generation cannabis grower, and with generations of farming knowledge and wisdom passed down to me, I am focused on providing solutions for the overall well-being of the whole of our planet by using all of the rare and valuable insight and experience I have accumulated over a lifetime and only the best organic inputs and farming practices in the most pristine farming environment possible with sustainability and renewable resources as a priority. Using futuristic technology and revolutionary delivery methods, I will be providing ancient remedies to modern society, in a time when it’s most needed.