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Rory Cruise: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Rory Cruise

CEO - Sweetwater Hemp Company

Solventless Ice Water Extraction

The presentation about our process of turning biomass into a consumable oil. It will start with how we get the biomass ready. Then walk the audience through the process of making bubble hash and then taking the bubble hash and making ready to consume oil in our terp reactor. A big part of the presentation will be a discussion of how our process retains minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

About Rory Cruise

Rory has been farming for 28 years and is a 4th generation farmer. He has 25 years of greenhouse experience and has knowledge in all aspects of the business from building and maintenance to plant and soil health.
Rory helped build the first hydroponic greenhouses for Sprout House. He studied horticulture and was hired as assistant grower at Plains Produce, where he helped build, startup and manage the first 10-acre hydroponic greenhouse in the state of Nebraska. Rory then transferred to Pony Express greenhouse, a 10-acre hydroponic facility, to help with irrigation problems and crew training. Rory became the head of maintenance and oversight working with 4 head growers and maintaining a total of 40 acres of hydroponic greenhouses.

Rory has helped his family diversify their business and expand into new products. He established a relationship with Wal-Mart that helped Sprout House expand into over 300 stores across the Midwest.