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Kevin Mechigian: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Kevin Mechigian

CEO - Truth Wellness/Treehouse CBD


I will be speaking on the many opportunities in the CBD market and if white labeling is for you? Opportunities are not without Risk and Liability. I will speak about maximizing the Risk/Reward scenarios while minimizing Liability and creating a sustainable brand.

About Kevin Mechigian

Kevin was raised in the motor city and focused 20 years as the president of Bob Saks Automotive a 150 million dollar multi-franchised dealership in Michigan. Kevin has several years of experience with business operations. He has bought and sold several businesses in several industry''s. Kevin joined the THC green rush early with ownerships in grows and dispensaries and found it to chaotic and his goal was healing not getting high. He started to study the different cannabinoids'' and the effects that could be created. Kevin has created several successful CBD brands as well as consulted with several startups in creating their own business models. Kevin has vast experience in marketing, brand management, and business management for startups or existing companies. Kevin has helped companies set up labeling, botting, distribution, insurance, credit card processing, websites for there brands. To white label or not to white label is a questions he asks new customers every day. This is a unique opportunity to pick his brain about the many opportunities/pitfalls of the CBD business.