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Keynote Speaker
Joshua Detzel: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Joshua Detzel

Chief Scientific Officer, Founder - Cannasol Technologies, LLC

How Nano Cannabinoids Enhance Performance in Edibles and Beverages

Joshua will discuss how nano emulsification can overcome the limitations of oil-based cannabinoid delivery systems, such as poor bioavailability and lack of water solubility. Attendees will learn about the various applications of nano cannabinoids, including beverages, shots, gummies and other products. Joshua will also educate attendees on how to identify top-tier nano over lower quality products and touch on affordable in-house nanomanufacturing methods.

About Joshua Detzel

Joshua Detzel is a chemical engineer with a background in pharmaceutical development and nanotechnology. Prior to founding Cannasol Technologies, he worked to develop novel stroke therapeutics and molecular data storage technologies. In 2018, Joshua founded Cannasol Technologies to bring advanced nano delivery systems into the cannabis space. Under his leadership, Cannasol Technologies has grown to service cannabis and hemp clients in 30 US states and 4 countries, supplying turn-key, automated ultrasonic liquid processors and advanced surfactant systems to some of the largest companies in the industry.