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John Irwin: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

John Irwin

Founder & CEO - EVO3

A Survivor’s Story: Insights Into My CBD Cancer Case Study

In 2012 I was diagnosed with a sarcoma in my neck and chest. As a result, I made significant lifestyle changes and fought hard for my life. Just when I thought my cancer days were behind me, in 2015 Doctors found unrelated tumors in both my lungs and abdomen. While being treated for cancer a second time, I also started using CBD Oil religiously. While I cannot attribute my remission solely to CBD, I can say that I believe it was a major contributor in defying impossible odds against this terrible disease. Even the doctors who treated me could not explain the strides I have made. Suffice it to say, I am grateful to be standing here today to share my story.

About John Irwin

John Irwin is a successful entrepreneur who has bought, sold, and currently owns several restaurants and corporations.
John’s diagnosis and subsequent battle against cancer opened his eyes to the benefits of and need for a healthy lifestyle. In 2014, he forged a partnership with EVO3 Olive Farms in Lesvos, Greece, and introduced the heart-healthy award-winning extra virgin organic olive oil to North America.
John’s personal experience using CBD to offset the side effects of his cancer treatments led him to found EVO3 Oils and introduce his own line of CBD oils to the market. He has now expanded EVO3’s product offerings to include CBD-Infused Olive Oil as well as a complete line of CBD products to include full and broad-spectrum CBD oils, pet drops, muscle rubs, salves, lip balms, and bath bombs.