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Jatin Gavin: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Jatin Gavin

Co-owner - North Lakes Hemp

What is CBDA, how it’s made, and its uses

CBDA is a little spoken of and highly medicinal cannabinoid. CBDA is the natural state of CBD before it goes through a process called decarboxylation and is converted from CBDA to CBD. It has not received much attention as most producers of CBD products can not produce an extract with a high CBDA content. We will cover what CBDA is, the medicinal uses of CBDA, hemp processing methods, and the entourage effect.

About Jatin Gavin

Jatin Gavin got into the hemp world 5 years ago but the story starts before that. Jatin is a Veteran and had used marijuana for years to help with coping with the trauma of war. A job had required a urinalysis and due to the self-treatment, the test was failed. Jatin immediately went and got his prescription for legal marijuana. It was found that in the state of Minnesota only extracts were legal for medicine. This was unsettling for Jatin as he grew his own medicine before and wanted to know how these extracts were made. By chance, or by the mysterious way our world works, a business reached out to Jatin for employment. Jatin investigated the business, Cool Clean Technologies, and found that among the many things they did they did Co2 Botanical Extraction. Jatin took the job and learned all he could ever want about extracts.