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Edgar Leon Feinberg II, MD, MPA, FACS: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Edgar Leon Feinberg II, MD, MPA, FACS

Developing Novel Cannabis Products and Integrating then into Modern Medicine

In today''s rapidly expanding Cannabis market, products are being developed at lightning speed in order to be first to market and capture the consumer. Due to a lack of standardized best practices and little to no federal regulation, companies run the risk of developing products that can do more harm than good. In this discussion, we will cover responsible product development and their integration into modern medicine.

About Edgar Leon Feinberg II, MD, MPA, FACS

Dr. Edgar Feinberg began his career in a private practice of cardiac surgery in the early 1990s and, when faced with the challenge of access for his patients in impoverished Louisiana, he began to research the American healthcare system from a policy and systemic perspective. This led Doctor Feinberg to a practice sabbatical and a yearlong residency at the Kennedy School of Government where he developed a theoretical framework for understanding the operational impact of Managed Care. Doctor Feinberg’s career has been highlighted by a variety of activities beyond the operative care of cardiovascular disease. He has also served as a business consultant to the Medical Carbon Research Institute, a cardiac mechanical valve company. He has served on the Board of an Angel investment fund, Bluewater Ventures, LLP of Houston, Texas, The Acadiana Outreach Center just to name a few of his endeavors