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Brian Fitzpatrick: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Brian Fitzpatrick

Founder and CEO - Qredible Inc.

Surprise! You’re Out of Business!

Risk in the CBD industry is mounting and will continue to become more intense as FDA FTC actions and civil litigation increase. Any misstep can cause your company serious monetary consequences, reputational harm, and temporary or permanent suspension of banking and merchant services. All of this could put your company out of business.

This critical session will reveal innovative uses of blockchain, AI, and other technologies to protect your business.

About Brian Fitzpatrick

As Founder and CEO of Qredible, Inc. Brian leads Qredible’s innovative technology platform to make the CBD industry safer for consumers and the supply chain. Brian is guided by over 20 years as CEO of software companies focused on solving regulatory issues in the financial sector. Brian has been recognized with several industry awards for envisioning and bringing bold new technology solutions to market, which improved the quality and transparency of the U.S. housing finance industry.

Since 2019, Brian has also served as CEO of BSA Advisers, Inc., which provides strategic consulting, compliance, and risk management advisory services to the hemp and CBD industries.

Brian’s forte is the implementation of advanced technologies, such as blockchain, robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The resulting network for the CBD industry enables efficient and profitable commerce while providing a trustworthy and transparent information repository for all industry participants and customers.