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Keynote Speaker
Brandon Danganan: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Brandon Danganan

Contracted Social Media Engager - Growers Network

Keyways to grow and promote your CBD/hemp business

This seminar will start with a brief introduction about who I am and my previous experience in the cannabis industry. Key topics that I will discuss are online presence, proper strategy, long-term goals, and giving back to the community. Speaking from life experience and struggles I have seen companies overcome.

About Brandon Danganan

I have been involved in the cannabis industry for 10 years. For the past 4 years I have been working in the Maryland medical cannabis field. My jobs have ranged from floor manager of a dispensary, business developer for a cannabis testing lab, medical cannabis cultivator, and sales rep for a cannabis accessory company. I have been passionate about the science of the plant and more importantly bringing more awareness to the unfair and unjust laws regarding people still locked away in jail for nonviolent cannabis-related events.