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Ben Steezy: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Ben Steezy

Founder - Lajit Gold (Krizzurp & Co)

Black Gold Rush: How Shilajit will disrupt the CBD Industry

A brief history of Shilajit and its traditional uses. We’ll explore how it''s being applied in the modern world and how it acts as a potentiator for cannabis and other plant compounds.

About Ben Steezy

Ben Steezy, The Hip Hop Herbalist is the co-founder of Lajit Gold and Krizzurp & Co. His contributions as an activist, advocate and artist have helped shape the current landscape for plant medicine and natural remedies in the Southwestern United States. Ben grew up in Sedona, AZ where he currently resides with his wife, their two daughters and their cat named Money.