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Becky Hobden: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Becky Hobden

Lab Director - Green Analytics Virginia

The Future of Cannabis Testing

Testing in the cannabis industry can look different depending on the state your production is located, the products you are making, and your customer manufacturing specifications.

As the industry grows, a federal approach to consumer safety and quality assurance will be adopted, likely from the food or pharmaceutical industries. Learn how ECC Test Lab is working to ensure that our testing facility, staff, and the industry are ready for that transition.

About Becky Hobden

Becky Hobden is the Lab Director of Green Analytics Virginia, located in Ashland, VA. Becky started in the cannabis industry by founding ECC Test Lab in 2019, which was the first cannabis testing lab in the state. Under her leadership ECC realized rapid growth from testing for hemp farmers and CBD processors to serving the emerging medical marijuana industry and home growers. In December 2021 she facilitated the acquisition of ECC Test Lab by Green Analytics LLC and the transition to being part of their portfolio of labs across the Eastern US. Prior to working in the cannabis testing industry, Becky received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College and an MS in Renewable Energy Engineering from Appalachian State University. Her experience as an engineer ranged from commercializing an enzymatic biodiesel process to troubleshooting wastewater systems to optimizing anaerobic digesters to reclaim biogas.