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Aaron Bouren: Speaking at the CBD & Hemp Wholesale World Expo USA Las Vegas

Aaron Bouren

Co-Founder - CBD Hemp Experts

Build Your Brand Equity and Dominate the CBD Market

Learn the strategies that successful private label brands are using to dominate the CBD market.
Aaron''s company has over 6,000 clients that whom they manufacture premier CBD products. In this action-packed talk, you will learn the best products to launch and how to choose the right manufacturer and fulfillment company. Aaron will also share the truth about what it takes to launch custom products and the key takeaways to make sure you win and not end up another statistic of failed businesses.

About Aaron Bouren

Aaron Bouren is co-founder of CBD Hemp Experts - a leading wholesale manufacturer and distributor that specializes in the production and distribution of private label, white-label, custom, and wholesale products and brands manufactured in its NSF certified, cGMP and FDA registered facilities.

As a transformational leader and entrepreneur, Aaron has over 25 years of experience in creating successful companies. Serving as an entrepreneurial mentor to more than 10,000 business professionals has shaped Aaron into the leader he is today. Co-founding CBD Hemp Experts in 2018, he has built one of the Largest CBD Products Manufacturing companies in the CBD Industry. He is known as a leader and innovator in the CBD manufacturing space. Aaron has founded several multi-million dollar businesses. He is a visionary who genuinely loves sharing his passion and insights with others. Aaron is known for his direct, candid, witty, and transparent insights into what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. You will learn the strategies of Aaron’s most successful clients. Leave with specific action steps to build a brand successfully and how to avoid pitfalls with the fastest way to get to market.