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CRx Magazine

Reliable medical information and practical recommendations about cannabis and health are top of mind for the many seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of a host of other conditions and diseases.

To provide their patients the best possible advice, it’s crucial for health care providers who prescribe or recommend cannabis products (or practice cannabinoid medicine) to share with each other their real-world clinical experience as well as information about effective products, current research, and evidence-based practices.

A vital resource for health professionals, CRx is the center of a community in which to share that critical information. It provides a source of essential information for like-minded health and medical professionals who include cannabinoid products as part of their treatment plans. Published quarterly in print and digital formats, CRx speaks to health care practitioners on a scientific level, with articles written by experts in the field. Highlighting the work and progress of professionals is an integral part of the CRx brand. Start your Free Subscription Today!