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10Buds is an indispensable resource for cannabis growers - and anyone interested in marijuana. Our comprehensive grow bible is filled with dozens of articles, speicalized guides, and countless tips for beginner and professional growers alike. Detailed cannabis seed reports offer growing advice tailored to a wide variety of specific strains, while our library of seed bank reviews provides thorough, honest looks at large and small seed banks from around the globe. In addition to our exhaustive growing guide, 10Buds boasts an extensive library of original content covering a wide range of cannabis-related topics including health, industry, lifestyle, and other educational topics, as well as the most in-depth and up-to-date information about the status of cannabis legalization throughout the world. Through our original cannabusiness and lifestyle content, we help cannabis industry brands gain exposure and thrive. 10Buds is proud to be an leading resource for cannabis growers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals alike.