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The Importance of COA’s and health benefits of CBD

Here at Cannacity, we believe the importance of COA’s and the Health benefits of CBD. COA’s stand for certificate of analysis and it’s important to know how to read them.

Understanding COA’s is important when picking a CBD brand. There is so many CBD brands out on the market that don’t third party lab test their CBD or they make it difficult for you to access these important document because it’s an expensive process, but this is what separates the premium brands from the rest. If your looking to use CBD to treat therapeutic deficiencies it’s important to know exactly how much CBD is in your bottle and the levels of THC in every bottle. Would you buy a food product with no ingredients listed on the packet? 

A lot of customers don’t know how to read COA’s. If your consuming Full Spectrum CBD, as a customer you want to look for how much CBD, CBG, CBN, THC and THCV is in the product. THC levels should be below 0.02. All the results should condensed on a graph and easily read and should match the batch number on the product.

Many health benefits comes from CBD which is what makes it a powerful compound. Some health benefits that come from CBD is 

anti-anxiety for the brain, appetite control, it also help stimulates bone growth, assists pain associated with arthritis and helps build a stronger immune system but it’s only effective when you choose a brand that goes through the necessary steps to make sure the CBD you consume is safe.

Cannacity full spectrum CBD oil is infused with MCT oil increasing bio-availability and increasing the overall quality allowing you to get the desired result quickly and also has COA’s attached to the QR code on the label making the important document accessible with 1 scan and making YOUR CBD safe. Thank you for taking time out to read. Please visit our website and follow us on social media for more educational content.


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