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Umpqua Valley Hemp: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Umpqua Valley Hemp

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Umpqua Valley Hemp is a family owned hemp farm; our mission being to produce high quality flower and potent cannabinoid products. We are dedicated to farming sustainably and organically to produce the purest products available with respect for the planet. With 15 years experience in cannabis cultivation, we have refined time-honored farming techniques as well as slow cure and hang drying to produce incredibly high cannabinoid and terpene rich flower. The extracts used in our consumer goods are made with flower only, never sticks or stems, always single-sourced from our farms. The right way is not always the easy way, but we know this ensures ultra-rich extracts that you can trust. Not only that, our artisanal products are small batch made by vetted GMP lab and manufacturing partners in order to ensure quality at every step.
We happily work with other large and small businesses and can provide white labelling, smokeable flower, prerolls, raw extraction material, and a variety of concentrates to create or augment your product line. We have enjoyed tending our connections with customers and businesses while also growing with others in the industry and look forward to hearing from you!

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