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Ocho Select: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Ocho Select

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Ocho Select is a Premium Delta 8/CBD manufacturer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Started in 2021 by Jonathan Clark, we focus on manufacturing quality delta 8 and CBD products and giving our customers the best prices. We have 5 amazing employees in our facility, and have contracted sales associates and white label clients in several states. Our main influence is in Indiana, Arizona, and Texas, where Jonathan is from. Even though we are new on the block, our innovative marketing strategy is beginning to make us a player in the US delta 8/CBD market. CORE VALUES • Quality: From our distillate, to terpenes, edible flavorings, to testing, and packaging, we spend the time and money to research and source the best for our customers so you know you are receiving the highest quality product your money can buy. We know you care what you put in your body so we do the hard work up front to put your busy mind at ease. • Compassion: We love our community so we give back! We partner with 91 Place, a transitional home for homeless youth on the near east side of Indianapolis, providing hands on entrepreneurship training, intentional mentorship, and donate a portion of our profits every month to help this incredible ministry expand. Our 2 year goal is to buy them a new home so more youth can come in off the streets and move to their next stage of life. To find out more, please visit • Excellence: We have processes in place to make sure every product which comes our of our lab is safe, consistent, looks great, and tastes better than the competition. • Commitment to growth: We have a teachable spirit and strive to be the best here at Ocho Select so we intentionally listen to, and value our loyal customer’s feedback. If we make a mistake, we want to make it right by you! If you ever have a problem with any of our products or service, we want to know! Just fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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