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North Lakes Hemp: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

North Lakes Hemp

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At North Lakes Hemp we do everything from seed to sale. We produce all our own Hemp using strictly organic growing methods, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Our products are extracted using a cold Liquid Co2 process that keeps the extract as pristine as possible. All our products are over 90% CBDA and are all full spectrum as this provides the most medicinal benefit. What does it mean when we say full spectrum? This means it has all the major secondary elements like the naturally derived terpenes and flavonoids. Through the process of the entourage effect the medicinal value of the cannabinoids is enhanced. When you come to North Lakes Hemp you can expect high quality and a competitive price.


We are a highly skilled and focused team led by Nate Stuart as head of agriculture, Jatin Gavin as head of engineering and product development, and Jago and Estelle Gavin as head of sales and marketing. 


Nate is a researcher, in the department of Agronomy for the University of Minnesota. His work focuses on the development of novel spring wheat varieties. He is very passionate when it comes to working with plants and runs an apple orchard part-time managing over 1000 trees. Nate is driven to bring all his knowledge to the growth and care of our hemp crop to guarantee our customers receive a product free of pests and disease while maintaining the highest quality.


Jatin is a controls engineer working at a company called Cool Clean Technologies where they design equipment using co2 for hemp extraction among other things. As part of a team of chemist and engineers Jatin helps design top of the line liquid co2 extraction equipment that is used internationally in the hemp and marijuana industry. As one of the team who design the equipment, we have exclusive access to utilize the equipment for extracting all our hemp. This process is how we can attain a CBDA concertation of greater than 90% of cannabinoids present. Working with all these leaders in the field leads to us knowing all the best practices for processing the extract into highly effective end products.


Together Jago and Estelle have helped with setting up several startup companies both domestically and internationally. In Australia they had helped launch a startup jewlery company doing business all over south east Asia. The business was sold before moving back to the U.S. Jago and Estelle set up all the marketing, do the book keeping, create the designs for the logos and labels, and help bring a real business feel. 


Together at North Lakes Hemp we say we do everything from seed to sale. With Nate as head of agriculture, Jatin as head of engineering and extraction, and Jago and Estelle as sales and marketing heads we stand behind our product. Come and see what we can do for you and your customers.

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