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Medicine Box: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Medicine Box

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Lovingly cultivated off the shores of North Lake Tahoe, Medicine Box blends equal parts plant medicine and mentorship to transform the physical, spiritual and mental well-being of the world’s citizens. We achieve this transformation through 

Crafting a powerful and healing blend of products, from our award-winning sleep formulation Equanimity to the holistic nootropic Mind’s Eye Harmonize capsules, that combine herbs, hemp extracts and mushrooms to unlock their full potential.Promoting a lifestyle built atop the Seven Pillars of Wellness: Food, Music, Mindfulness Collaboration, Community, Recovery — and Nature, the fundamental element which weaves through all simultaneously.

Because WE Are the Entourage Effect, our products are crafted — and NEVER synthesized — from the plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant. Unlike synthetic isolates, our 1CaB softgel products uses full-spectrum hemp from small (> 20 acres) family-run organic farms, herbs from Mountain Rose in Oregon and mushrooms from homestate growers in California to give them MORE — more vitality, more versatility and much more than CBD itself ever could.

Finally, we educate on how to use the plant medicines proactively through our social media channels and our biweekly web series Shift, which features leaders from throughout the plant medicine community such as Mara Gordon, Dr. Michele Ross and Dr. Richard Louis Miller. Through our Healing of the Nations Initiative, we also give back to the Last Prisoner project and rePurpose Global, which remediates one pound of single-use plastic from the ocean for every product we sell, to achieve our “plastic-neutral” goals. 

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