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Labeltronix: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas


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SINCE 1993, LABELTRONIX HAS BEEN A TRAILBLAZER IN THE LABELING INDUSTRY Today, we are California's leading provider of labels for some of the country's leading brands. Labeltronix creates unique, crafted labels. Our labeling experts translate clients' brands for a public that demands the best and most appealing labels on the products they buy. We are responsive to the latest trends, including eco-friendly labels that are particularly well suited to products in the natural and organic products market. -Driven by customer need, we are uniquely qualified to delivercomprehensive labeling solutions -We are expert label makers with nearly 30-years’ experience -Each Labeltronix customer has a dedicated account team -We take a comprehensive program approach to label making -We consult our customer, engineer solutions, and make labels -We support both printed, and print-on-demand labeling solutions -Lean Labeling is a part of everything we do

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