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Carolina Dream: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Carolina Dream

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Carolina Dream is changing the standard of what CBD products need to be.

Unlike most CBD companies, we personally oversee the full process from cultivation to processing, to finished product. With all of this done in our home state, we help build South Carolina’s industry instead of relying on countless middlemen from all over the country. Instead of just claiming it, we can actually prove it.

Every one of our products has been stamped with a QR code that will show the consumer where the plants grew, to the date it was harvested, dried, and shipped to processing. Then when that biomass was processed and the date when it was made into a product. The cannabis industry is held to this standard, why can’t CBD be the same.

This all started with our pure frustration in the CBD industry. Unlike the legal cannabis industry, there is no regulation or honest answers on where exactly your CBD products come from. We believe everyone needs to have complete transparency in what they are consuming. We made it our mission to tell our customers where exactly all of our products come from, starting with the piece of dirt where the plant grew, to the date it was packaged and shipped. We source all our hemp from either our farm or other South Carolinian farmers.

Between this transparency and trust through education, Carolina Dream is redefining what a Cannabis company needs to be.
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