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Calavera Hemp : Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Calavera Hemp

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Calavera Hemp was created due to the market’s lack of a quality product that I couldn’t find to replace my tobacco usage. I started smoking at the age of 16 regularly and it continued to increase during my military service in the US Army. After three duty stations and two deployments in the Infantry - i smoked tobacco and chewed it.
I smoked hemp cigarettes while coming off tobacco cigarettes in pursuit of finding a good tasting hemp cigarette. I couldn’t find one. So I set out to create one.
I can’t honestly say how long it took me to think of Calavera Hemp but when I did I instantly thought of día de los muertos = day of the dead. As a Chicano that has a deep Mexican heritage, day of the dead was taken seriously by our family members in Mexico. Especially my abuela. Every year she put out pan dulce and coffee and liquor for our dead relatives.
It made me think of her when she was alive. So I drew the design of the día de los muertos calavera on our package by hand. I hired a vector designer to make it digital. Then found a great manufacturer that allowed us to test SEVERAL flavors and levels to get our proprietary organic mango menthol flavor. After some time we got it perfect and packaged it ready for the market. Within 3 weeks we’re in 5 cities in Nevada and California. Now we’re looking to expand
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